Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Gaijin Densetsu and the future of RMI

My friend Peter and I have been working on this site, Gaijin Densetsu , and I think it came out really nice.  It's launched now, so please come visit.  We're updating twice a week right now, with original articles/reviews/editorial on Wednesdays and news on Saturdays, but we've got a lot of ideas that we hope to implement over the coming months so we could wind up doing more.

The site will focus on Japanese developed games SPECIFICALLY, but since my love of games has no borders I will continue to update this site on a quasi-regular basis with the same kind of content I've been doing for the past year or two.

I know I promised an NBN deck for Netrunner last time, but damned if Plascrete Carapace hasn't wrecked my deck by making Scorched Earth pretty useless.  I'm playing a Jinteki/HB deck that's really awful right now, and after some more testing I'll post an article about it. It seems like Jinteki have some hot shit coming down the pipe that will help make up for their TERRIBLE ice.   Stay tuned, and in the meantime please stop by Gaijin Densetsu and say HI!

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